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Jessica grew up in St. Louis, MO, where she spent years volunteering with children with disabilities at the Delta Gamma Center, including by teaching dance lessons, assisting in infant and toddler classrooms, and serving as a chaperone on summer challenge trips that included sailing, hiking, and tandem cycling. After earning an undergraduate degree in biology as a Trustee Scholar at Boston University, Jessica moved to Chicago to…FUN FACT: work as a professional tap dancer. She also continued to work with children as a teaching assistant at Child’s Voice School. After tiring of “the grind” of constantly looking for work as a dancer, Jessica went back to school, earning her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at UIC.

Jessica was drawn to Milestone Therapy because of the flexibility to work in various pediatric settings and the company’s commitment to families and staff, as well as their overall success and growth since inception. Jessica currently works in Illinois Early Intervention in northwest Chicago but also has worked in schools. Her favorite part of her job is the privilege of seeing children meet their early motor milestones and the joy it brings their families.

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