After completing her occupational therapy education from Utica College in upstate New York in 2001, Corin began her career in California working with children. A series of fortunate events brought her to Chicago with her husband. Shortly after in 2008 she found herself across a table interviewing with Drew Haverstock and Milestone Therapy. Since then, Milestone has helped Corin continue her passion for working with children but has also allowed her to start and build a family of her own.

She feels that working with children is not work but often an extension of motherhood. She feels privileged that families allow providers into their homes to support them and their children. She feels blessed every day that she can be excited about working and often learns just as much from the families as they learn from her.

In 2010, she relocated to southern Illinois with her husband to start a family of her own. She now supports these families through Illinois Early Intervention and is hoping to grow the company in this area with assistance from Drew and the rest of the staff and providers at Milestone. When working on becoming a lactation counselor, she learned how to knit a boob 🙂

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Corin Intieri without mask