Learn & Grow at Milestone

Whether you are a recent Pediatric Therapy graduate, been in the field for a few years, or a seasoned Pediatric Therapist there is a place for you on the Milestone Therapy team. We value and respect each member of our team as individuals and make sure they’re on the right path to unlock their life’s potential. We are passionate about what we do and live our values every day.

What makes Milestone different is that we encourage our team to follow their pediatric muse and explore their passions and strengths across our departments. Therapists have a variety of avenues to choose from in their career development. Opportunities abound in early intervention and home-based services, schools, and outpatient clinic care. Your career ladder at Milestone will be what you make it, and can range from becoming a specialist in specific treatments to driving the company forward in management.

What do we do at Milestone?

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Sitting, crawling, walking, running, throwing, catching, kicking, balancing, and playing games… you know, the big motor skills stuff.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Sensory diets and strategies, buttoning shirts, zipping zippers, tying shoes, holding crayons, writing what they see… you know, the important fine motor stuff and sensory regulation.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Articulating sounds and words appropriately, recognizing sounds and words spoken by others, feeding and swallowing… you know, the things that have to do with talking, listening, and eating.

ABA Therapy

Reinforcement of appropriate behaviors, and redirection when your child expresses those you don’t want to see anymore… you know, these are the specialists who change behavior.

Developmental Therapy

Simply put, the glue that helps integrate all of the above together and drives the early intervention programming home for families to easily digest.

“At Milestone, we take care of the little things, because the little things add up.”

Milestone Academy & Orientation

As part of the onboarding experience, you are first scheduled to attend our Milestone Academy & Orientation. This orientation provides an introduction and overview to all things Milestone Therapy. It is a 2-hour long presentation where we go over things like the faces of Milestone, benefits available, PTO plans, procedures, and other important Milestone policies and expectations. 

After attending Milestone Academy & Orientation, shadowing and training begins with your supervisor:

  • Shadowing and training occur in the first 60 days of employment and varies depending on employment status
  • New therapists at Milestone are provided with up to 24 hours of paid shadowing and training hours 

In addition to shadowing time with your supervisor, you can expect: 

  • 30-60-90-day follow ups guided by your supervisor  
  • 1:1 department specific training 
  • Payroll input assistance and system training 
  • Regular mentor meetings and support 
  • Annual performance reviews 
  • Annual shadowing and ongoing contact with your supervisor  

“As a student, this would be the model facility for fieldwork placement! The staff allows for development of skills and growth and the clinical instructors were patient and kind. I never had a bad day at Milestone and the owner is amazing. It allowed for experience in multiple settings as they provide Early Intervention services, school-based services and clinic services.”

Pediatric Therapy Clinical Supervisory Opportunities

As part of the onboarding experience, you are first scheduled to attend our Milestone Academy & Orientation. This orientation We offer $1,000 (per supervisee) for our BCBAs and Speech-Language Pathologists who participate in clinical supervision of their peers. This stipend is paid in installments over the supervisee’s duration of supervision. As a certified therapist, they will act as supervisors, providing direct face-to-face supervision on a regular basis for all patients routinely provided care by the supervisee.

“As an experienced therapist, I am a proud employee of Milestone Therapy. Milestone provides excellent treatment for kids with a variety of needs, including developmental, speech, occupational, physical, and ABA therapies. There are several clinics in Indiana and Illinois, and Milestone provides extensive early intervention services in both states. The therapists are wonderful practitioners who have a passion for their work, and the administrative staff works diligently behind the scenes in order to ensure that each child reaches their full potential.” 

Open Positions

If you’re a qualified and passionate therapist looking for a great Pediatric Therapy job, check out our open positions or e-mail us at with your resume or questions.