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At Milestone Therapy, our mission is to be THE place for pediatric therapy services for children, their families, and the therapists that serve them.

Our three P’s of pediatric therapy

passion. patience. persistence.

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Milestone Programs


Respite NightAn evening we set aside to give parents and caregivers a break.  So while you enjoy some well-deserved downtime and do what your heart desires, our students and therapists will be running wild in the clinic with open gym, playing games, and making crafts for the time and season.


Fitness Night – Get your kids away from the screens and ready to sweat! Here we create multiple activity stations that will help your child gain strength, coordination, and get a taste for climbing our real live rock wall!


Yoga and More! – A blast from the past, returning in mom-and-tot style! An hour of dancing, stretching, breathing, and creating some calm through traditional yoga practices with a kidtastic spin!

Meet the Milestone Pediatric Therapy Specialists

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