About Milestone Therapy (Who are these guys, anyway?)

Milestone Therapy was started in 2002 by Drew Haverstock, a physical therapist by trade, focusing on Early Intervention in Lake County, Indiana. Since that time, the company has grown to maintain a staff that encompasses all major disciplines of physical, occupational, speech, and developmental therapy.

Children are seen in both the Illinois and Indiana Early Intervention programs as well as in approximately 30 different school districts throughout the Chicagoland and northwest Indiana areas.

Milestone Therapy
Milestone’s first clinic was added in November of 2011 after a small acquisition, with the company moving to downtown Highland Indiana for its headquarters in early 2014.  Once the Highland Pharmacy and a headquarters for the Girl Scouts, it now houses over 7,200 square feet of rompin’ stompin’ pediatric dynamite. A second facility was opened in 2016 in conjunction with Franciscan St. James Hospitals at their Olympia Fields location.  Both facilities are set up so everyone from ages 0-21 can come for direct treatment above and beyond what they may be receiving in their homes or schools.  A partnership with the Down Syndrome Association of Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland was started in 2015, and that group now maintains a beautiful community center in that very same Highland facility for all children with disabilities.

As you can guess there’s a lot going on so please check out each section of our site! Our resource section and ongoing pediatric blogs are always being expanded and updated as we discover more information we’d like to share with you. Truth be told, the thousands of families that we become involved with seem to be our most valuable source of information.

Milestone Therapy

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