Working at Milestone Therapy

To be clear, Milestone Therapy is not a typical Pediatric Therapy company. Here, whether you’re a therapist, in billing, or helping with clinic coordination, we are all equal in our quest to unlock a child’s potential. No group has weight above another. And if we are taught throughout our collective therapeutic educations that we should treat the child as a whole, we need to look at our company in the same fashion. So each of us strives – every day – to make the whole of Milestone greater than the sum of its parts.  

Milestone Therapy’s Mission:
Unlock Life’s Potential

Every company has a mission statement, but at Milestone, it’s not just our mission, it’s our passion. Unlocking life’s potential applies to everything we do. This is what gets us out of bed. We are simply pediatrics done right. 

It’s our niche, so to be clear we don’t just “do peds.” We aren’t “just therapists.” We have created a culture that encourages everyone to be the best at what they do.

We are therefore uniquely qualified to help kids unlock their independence, their unique abilities and, ultimately, their life’s potential. And nothing makes us happier at Milestone than watching our kiddo’s amazing personalities take root in our lives.

Milestone Therapy Values

We live our core values every day at Milestone. No matter what the role, we expect our team to be strong and live these values daily.


Be Positive

Just because a child is in the system or has special needs, that doesn’t mean something is wrong. We expect our staff to be as strong and positive as our kiddos. They don’t give up, so neither do we. Being and staying positive is a choice and we expect that from each and every employee.


Be Responsible

Take ownership of your actions, both good and bad. We profoundly affect people’s lives and that’s a heavy responsibility that should always be respected. We must be accountable professionals to our patients and each other, own our mistakes, and recognize we are part of a larger picture.


Be Passionate

No Eeyores allowed! We are passionate about everything we do, from administrative tasks to therapy sessions, we take the extra steps because this is what we would want for our own kids. At Milestone, we never stop trying to be better at what we do.


Be Compassionate

We do everything in our power to help others through their hardships and understand the power of empathy. Compassion is a skill that connects us to our families, our kiddos, and our peers. When it’s there, you can feel it — and people rarely forget.


Follow Evidence-Based & Best Practices

We don’t do things willy-nilly. We follow evidence-based research and rise up in this modern world of misleading information. Our parents trust us to do what’s right for their kiddos and depend on us to be a resource they can trust.


Be a Team Player

This is what brings it all together at Milestone. Because if we succeed as a team, we become a part of something that lives long beyond ourselves. What we teach our kiddos, their families, the caregivers, and one another at this company helps to create a long-term support system that simply can’t be beat.


Be Respectful

This one is simple. We respect our families, our profession, our peers, our kiddos, our company, and ourselves.

“Milestone Therapy is owned by Drew Haverstock, a physical therapist by trade, who is extremely passionate about his company and proud of the leadership team that has developed over the past few years. Together, through the variety of services they provide, Milestone has cultivated an amazing group of professionals and administrators who care deeply about their clients and families.”

Open Positions

If you’re a qualified and passionate therapist looking for a great Pediatric Therapy job, check out our open positions or e-mail us at with your resume or questions.