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Fun Ways to Use an Exercise Ball

22 / July

Did you know there are some fun activities to do on an exercise ball for you and your child? These activities help build your child’s core, shoulder stability, and make…

Tips to Teach Your Kid to Walk

15 / July

Is your child cruising along the couch and tables and already trying to walk? Are you running out of ideas to help teach them how to get over the proverbial…

Why I Work at Milestone: Sophia Aspin, PT

24 / June

Hi everyone! I’m Sophia Aspin, DPT, and I’ve been working with Milestone since June of 2020. When you see that date it should probably trigger a question: who in their…

The Kid Who Just Wanted to Be an Astronaut – Part 2

14 / September

“You tackled your little brother on the street. Not the grass. THE STREET. What did you think was going to happen? You are grounded, Andrew Thomas. And you’re lucky he’s…

Teletherapy Q&A: We offer answers to your questions

22 / July

Over the past few months, we’ve received a number of questions about the best ways to perform teletherapy. We asked our therapists how teletherapy has been going with the families…

Introduction to Teletherapy: How Effective Is It?

2 / July

Milestone has been hard at work integrating teletherapy in order to continue providing children it serves with physical, occupational, speech and developmental therapy, as well as ABA interventions. These changes…

Navigating teletherapy: What is it and how does it work?

24 / June

During these unprecedented times, teletherapy provides the opportunity to continue to work together. It is safe, effective way to administer services vital for the growth and development of our kiddos….

To Prospective Milestone Employees and Families

17 / June

Hi everyone! We want to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to provide the best care during these unprecedented times. We take your health and safety seriously and…

The Kid Who Just Wanted to be an Astronaut

18 / February

Hi everyone! This is Drew, owner of Milestone Therapy. I wanted to contribute to the blog here on the growing MST website and just toss out stuff I think you…

How to Talk to Your Typically Developing Child About Kids With Disabilities

3 / December

One day, while enjoying a beautiful day at the playground with my young children, a unique family came to play. This family consisted of a mom, dad, and three children….

A Parent’s Guide to Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

16 / May

Why can’t my baby hold their head straight? The medical term “torticollis” means “wry neck.” It is the term used to describe a baby that does not hold and move…

Contradictions of Low Muscle Tone

25 / February

You’ve been told by your pediatrician that your child has hypotonia, otherwise known as low muscle tone.  You then did some research, asked some good questions, and found that children…

I spy… fun and easy speech & language practice!

13 / August

When it comes to activities/home programming to target speech and language skills,at times, it may be difficult to develop tangible activities. Occupational therapy andphysical therapy can both have more concrete…

Car Seat Safety

12 / July

There are many considerations when providing the best care for your baby. We think constantly of how we can help our babies learn, grow, and explore. From what toys to…

Early Intervention Initial Evaluation: What to expect and how to prepare

22 / May

A child is typically referred for an Early Intervention (EI) Initial Evaluation to look further into any concerns with overall development a pediatrician, parent or other specialist may have. The…

Toys Should Be FUN!

11 / April

Spring and Summer birthdays are coming fast, which means that parents will soon be asking pediatric therapists, “What toys are best for my child?” Before discussing the value of play,…

Programming, Programming, Everywhere

15 / March

We hope you’ve been enjoying all of the updates to our website and social media over the past few months. Now it’s time to let you know what’s going on…

How to Get Out of the House Without the Headaches

14 / December

Getting out of the house with young children can certainly feel overwhelming. When you think of planning a day trip with your kids, what comes to mind? Whining, impatience, urgency,…

Welcome blog post

27 / October

Milestone Therapy has been continually growing from our humble beginnings in 2002 we’ve added a clinic in Indiana and Illinois. Now it’s time to give our internet presence a well…