pretend play toy pizza and tongs

Play to Learn: Pretend Play Food Sets

15 / March

Pretend play food is a great way to introduce new colors, shapes, and food into your kiddo’s play (we like this set!*). You can also play kitchen with the pretend…

kid feeding his toy bear

Play to Learn: Hungry Hungry Animal Educational Toys

22 / February

Up next in our educational toys series are any animal toys that your child may already have, that – of course – “eat” different shapes or items! One of our…

cardboard canister toy chicken

Play to Learn: Child Play Therapy with Food Canisters

26 / January

Imagine walking into your kitchen while your kiddo is eating. You find food in their hair, on their face, on the wall, the chair, the floor, and – well, you…

child with shirt overhead getting dressed

15 Tips for Teaching Child Dressing Skills

11 / January

We all know that getting children dressed in the morning can sometimes be a time-consuming task that seems to never get easier. Kiddos love to wiggle and move, so staying…

boy spraying plant with bottle

Play To Learn: Toy Spray Bottle – Play Therapy For Kids

28 / December

This just in: spray bottles aren’t just for cleaning up messes or watering plants anymore! A common household item like a spray bottle can be turned into a new toy…

toddler on stairs

Child development skills: 4 tips to teach your kid to jump

14 / December

Things are changing at home. Your little one has mastered walking (who’d a’ thunk it?) and is now experimenting with jumping. (Gulp.) They might be doing some fancy variation of…

Angela and Tina

Why I Work At Milestone: Tina Sullivan, RBT & Angela Totos, RBT

6 / December

Tina and Angela are both Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) working in Milestone’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) department. Today they will be sharing their favorite key aspects of working at Milestone:…

2 kids playing with wash tub outside

Play to Learn: Bathtub Pediatric Play Therapy Activities

19 / November

As a parent, it can be daunting to think of play therapy activities to help your little one develop properly as they grow through the years. It can be tempting…

child with walker and serial casts

Serial Casting: A Milestone Therapy Parent’s Perspective!

2 / November

To give you another angle to consider, we decided to get one of our mom’s experiences with serial casting for her toddler. Sophia:  What did you know about serial casting…

What is Pediatric Serial Casting?

19 / October

Hey everyone! If you’ve ever heard of pediatric serial casting, it probably sounded pretty scary when it was described to you, especially if it was recommended for your child. The…

child playing with shape sorter bucket

Play to Learn: Shape Sorter Toys and Child Development

8 / October

Hey everyone! We know kiddos get bored with toys over time. They want to see something new and exciting, and it’s hard to come up with creative ways to make…


Play to Learn, Learn to Play: An Introduction to Child Development Toys

6 / October

As pediatric developmental therapy specialists, we are often asked, “What toys should I get to help my child develop?” It’s a great question, and one we love to hear because…

Group of therapists in masks

What’s it like to be an early intervention physical therapist in Illinois?

21 / September

Early Intervention (EI) services are provided to children from birth to age 3 through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) – Part C. Sophia and Vivian are two physical…

young boy using AAC device tablet

The Power Of Augmentative and Alternative Communication In Pediatric Speech Therapy

16 / September

Is your child having a hard time learning how to talk and use language? Are they acting out because they can’t express themselves? Maybe they are simply frustrated with no…

smiling young boy jumping

What is Pediatric Hypotonia?

9 / September

You’ve been told by your pediatrician that your child has pediatric hypotonia, otherwise known as low muscle tone, and he or she may need pediatric therapy. Hypotonia in children can…

idiopathic toe walking

Idiopathic Toe Walking

31 / August

What is Idiopathic Toe Walking? Idiopathic toe walking is when kids walk on their “tippy toes,” without touching the ground with their heels. The term “idiopathic” simply means that this…

Headshot of Vivian C

Why I Work at Milestone: Vivian Chau, PT

18 / August

Hi! I’m Vivian Chau, and I’ve been a physical therapist working at Milestone Therapy since July 2020. Yep – I actually found a job during the pandemic! I learned about…

Fun Ways to Use an Exercise Ball

22 / July

Did you know there are some fun activities to do on an exercise ball for you and your child? These activities help build your child’s core, shoulder stability, and make…

Tips to Teach Your Kid to Walk

15 / July

Is your child cruising along the couch and tables and already trying to walk? Are you running out of ideas to help teach them how to get over the proverbial…

Why I Work at Milestone: Sophia Aspin, PT

24 / June

Hi everyone! I’m Sophia Aspin, DPT, and I’ve been working with Milestone since June of 2020. When you see that date it should probably trigger a question: who in their…

The Kid Who Just Wanted to Be an Astronaut – Part 2

14 / September

“You tackled your little brother on the street. Not the grass. THE STREET. What did you think was going to happen? You are grounded, Andrew Thomas. And you’re lucky he’s…

Teletherapy Q&A: We offer answers to your questions

22 / July

Over the past few months, we’ve received a number of questions about the best ways to perform teletherapy. We asked our therapists how teletherapy has been going with the families…

Introduction to Teletherapy: How Effective Is It?

2 / July

Milestone has been hard at work integrating teletherapy in order to continue providing children it serves with physical, occupational, speech and developmental therapy, as well as ABA interventions. These changes…

Navigating teletherapy: What is it and how does it work?

24 / June

During these unprecedented times, teletherapy provides the opportunity to continue to work together. It is safe, effective way to administer services vital for the growth and development of our kiddos….