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Angela and Tina

Why I Work At Milestone: Tina Sullivan, RBT & Angela Totos, RBT

6 / December

Tina and Angela are both Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) working in Milestone’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) department. Today they will be sharing their favorite key aspects of working at Milestone:…

Headshot of Vivian C

Why I Work at Milestone: Vivian Chau, PT

18 / August

Hi! I’m Vivian Chau, and I’ve been a physical therapist working at Milestone Therapy since July 2020. Yep – I actually found a job during the pandemic! I learned about…

Why I Work at Milestone: Sophia Aspin, PT

24 / June

Hi everyone! I’m Sophia Aspin, DPT, and I’ve been working with Milestone since June of 2020. When you see that date it should probably trigger a question: who in their…