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pretend play toy pizza and tongs

Play to Learn: Pretend Play Food Sets

15 / March

Pretend play food is a great way to introduce new colors, shapes, and food into your kiddo’s play (we like this set!*). You can also play kitchen with the pretend…

kid feeding his toy bear

Play to Learn: Hungry Hungry Animal Educational Toys

22 / February

Up next in our educational toys series are any animal toys that your child may already have, that – of course – “eat” different shapes or items! One of our…

cardboard canister toy chicken

Play to Learn: Child Play Therapy with Food Canisters

26 / January

Imagine walking into your kitchen while your kiddo is eating. You find food in their hair, on their face, on the wall, the chair, the floor, and – well, you…

boy spraying plant with bottle

Play To Learn: Toy Spray Bottle – Play Therapy For Kids

28 / December

This just in: spray bottles aren’t just for cleaning up messes or watering plants anymore! A common household item like a spray bottle can be turned into a new toy…

2 kids playing with wash tub outside

Play to Learn: Bathtub Pediatric Play Therapy Activities

19 / November

As a parent, it can be daunting to think of play therapy activities to help your little one develop properly as they grow through the years. It can be tempting…

child playing with shape sorter bucket

Play to Learn: Shape Sorter Toys and Child Development

8 / October

Hey everyone! We know kiddos get bored with toys over time. They want to see something new and exciting, and it’s hard to come up with creative ways to make…


Play to Learn, Learn to Play: An Introduction to Child Development Toys

6 / October

As pediatric developmental therapy specialists, we are often asked, “What toys should I get to help my child develop?” It’s a great question, and one we love to hear because…