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The Kid Who Just Wanted to Be an Astronaut – Part 2

14 / September

“You tackled your little brother on the street. Not the grass. THE STREET. What did you think was going to happen? You are grounded, Andrew Thomas. And you’re lucky he’s…

The Kid Who Just Wanted to be an Astronaut

18 / February

Hi everyone! This is Drew, owner of Milestone Therapy. I wanted to contribute to the blog here on the growing MST website and just toss out stuff I think you…

How to Talk to Your Typically Developing Child About Kids With Disabilities

3 / December

One day, while enjoying a beautiful day at the playground with my young children, a unique family came to play. This family consisted of a mom, dad, and three children….

How to Get Out of the House Without the Headaches

14 / December

Getting out of the house with young children can certainly feel overwhelming. When you think of planning a day trip with your kids, what comes to mind? Whining, impatience, urgency,…