At Milestone, we understand time is of the essence for your children and ongoing creative therapy has never been more important. Understand this: Telehealth services are here to stay and are a viable solution to the current public health concerns we are all facing. No matter what environment your child is receiving services in – clinic, hospital, at home, or schools – Milestone is offering regular online therapy services to care for our families with special needs and make sure no one is left behind.

Who are we able to treat?

Pretty much everyone! New patients, as well as current patients, are encouraged to contact us for more information on how to start or change into using telehealth services for ongoing therapy. 

What is needed to begin telehealth services?

  • A physician’s prescription with diagnosis and therapies desired
  • Health insurance coverage information. This will allow Milestone to work with your insurance provider to confirm if virtual services are allowed under your existing insurance plan(s).
  • Access to the internet, along with a computer, tablet or smartphone are necessary for telehealth services to take place. Please note that no special software purchase is required.
  • Parental involvement is required at some level during these online sessions.

All our virtual interactions are performed with the same professional time and effort you would expect from a face-to-face visit. They are HIPAA compliant and, most importantly, are focused on advancing your child’s individual plan of care to improve their functional skills.

Are you interested in learning how telehealth services can help keep your child on track? Give us a call at 219-513-8311 and select “option 2” or complete the contact form below.

PS:  If you’re interested in the evidence that supports the benefits of teletherapy and want to learn more about how it is administered at Milestone, please see our blogs on the subject here, here, and here!