Leadership Team / Director of Finance 

Dave started his career in therapy over 20 years ago in an outpatient orthopedic clinic.  Shortly thereafter, he began his entrepreneurial career by forming a billing company to provide services for the clinic where he was employed.

His company grew quickly catapulting his career in the therapy service space where he has owned and operated a handful of companies, three of which are still in existence today.  It was through this entrepreneurial path that Dave accumulated a vast knowledge of all things financial management for therapy services.

Upon a brief consulting gig at Milestone, Dave found a home with the amazing staff he was able to work with and quickly jumped at a chance to be more permanent as the Director of Finance.  Dave resides in the great state of Idaho but nothing can keep him away from the great food of the Chicagoland area and the wonderful team at Milestone Therapy.

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Headshot of Dave V