Early Intervention Physical Therapist

Job Description

Early Intervention Physical Therapist! Do you tend to be more optimistic and want to work in an environment where things overall just feel more Positive?
Are you finding that it’s hard to summon the Passion to get out of bed in the morning and get to work with your clients? Would you like to work somewhere where Respect is not just something that is said to be strived for, but an actual metric to be measured by?
Come join us at Milestone Therapy as an Early Intervention Physical Therapist where our core values including: Teamwork, Compassion, and evidence-based best practices guide us in all that we do!
We are currently offering an endlessly rewarding opportunity for a Full or Part Time Pediatric Early Intervention Physical Therapist to join our home therapy team in Illinois!
Each of our Therapy Providers brings with them: Positivity, Passion, Responsibility, Respect, Teamwork, Compassion and the use of evidence-based best practices to make the significant difference needed in the lives of our clients.
The Early Intervention Physical Therapist’s primary responsibility is to plan and administer medically prescribed physical therapy treatment for patients suffering from injuries or muscle, nerve, joint and bone diseases in order to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent disability.

Who Qualifies for Early Intervention Physical Therapist:

IL Licensed Physical Therapist (2+ years in pediatrics preferred)
Active IL Early Intervention Credentials (or willingness to obtain)
Demonstrates Milestone’s Core Values: Positivity, Passion, Evidence-Based Best Practices, Responsibility, Respect, Compassion, and Teamwork!
Someone who will push forward everyday to unlock every child’s potential!
Pay based upon experience

The Three Unique’s of Milestone Therapy

  1. Child and family-centered, tailored episodic care with a firm beginning, middle, and end of all treatment plans.
  2. Continuum of care across disciplines and settings.
  3. Creative and compassionate staff.

*Please be advised this is a job ad, not a listing of all tasks and duties for this position.

Apply today to begin your journey to become an Early Intervention Physical Therapist!

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