Occupational Therapy Assistant

In 2009, Colleen decided to make a career change and pursue a degree as an occupational therapy assistant. She graduated from Lewis and Clark Community College in 2012 and it was definitely worth the sacrifice. Colleen is a military wife and spent several years overseas in 3 different countries, always reinventing herself to become productive in the workforce. In 1999, her family moved to Illinois where they were stationed at Scott AFB where her husband has retired and is currently still working. In the years living here, Colleen accepted a position in the school system working with children who have autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental disabilities. She enjoyed this and stayed for 5 years before deciding to go back to school.

Her love has always been to work with children and this life decision was later reinforced when she accepted a position with Milestone Therapy. She is very grateful to have this opportunity and to be working with families who have the confidence in her and let her work with their children. Someone once said that if you wake up every day and feel like you are not going to work then you have chosen the right path. Everyday day she feels like she is making a difference and it is a pleasure to do what she does! She prefers homemade toys to store-bought! It’s fun showing and teaching families how to make:)

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Colleen Higham without mask