Welcome blog post

Milestone Therapy has been continually growing from our humble beginnings in 2002 we’ve added a clinic in Indiana and Illinois. Now it’s time to give our internet presence a well deserved upgrade. We are proud to announce our new website at www.milestonetherapy.com. With this website, we hope to better suit the needs of our clients, families, and the community. With a new website address comes many new updates and options available. Below are just a few additions we hope to bring your direction.

Regularly updated blog posts

With the posts, we hope to address issues that are current in our community and the news related to children and their development.

Youtube page

Visit our page for updated videos on potential therapy ideas for your children

Events updates

As our community grows, we have been providing more opportunities outside of therapies for our clients such as Respite nights to give parents the opportunity for a night out while the kids get the opportunity to play with skilled childcare providers.


Our influence is spreading around many different areas and we want to help in as many arenas as possible by providing information regarding the best options possible. Visit the resources page to learn about opportunities available in your community!

Social media updates

It’s time for us to catch up with the times and regularly update our social media sites when we change our website and also communicate more often with our favorite people!



We want to learn more about you through contests for cutest kids, best coloring page, and many others. We hope to have these create an opportunity for kids and whole families to participate.

To kick off the website we want to hear from you! Each person who answers the prompts in the form below will be entered with the chance to win…(one entry per person).