Headshot of Dave V

Dave V.

12 / April

Leadership Team / Director of Finance  Dave started his career in therapy over 20 years ago in an outpatient orthopedic clinic.  Shortly thereafter, he began his entrepreneurial career by forming…

Headshot of Alycia B

Alycia B.

18 / August

Director of Human Resources 

Melissa Shell without mask

Melissa S.

4 / March

Physical Therapist Melissa graduated from Ball State University in 2016 with her bachelor’s in Exercise Science, continuing her education at Fox College, to achieve a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2019. …

Headshot of Lesli L

Lesli L.

18 / November

Occupational Therapist / Management Team Lesli has her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and began her career with Milestone Therapy in 2008. Throughout her journey here, Lesli has worked in…

Heather Quinn without mask

Heather Q.

18 / November

Leadership Team / Integrator / Physical Therapist Heather graduated from the University of Miami (FL) in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and then continued her education at…

Drew Haverstock PT without mask

Drew H.

18 / November

Owner/Physical Therapist Drew left the business world in 1997 to return to school and pursue his dream of becoming a Physical Therapist. While he thought that he’d wind up working…

Katie Dolph without mask

Katie D.

18 / November

Katie is a physical therapist assistant working at Milestone Therapy since graduating from Fox College in 2012. Katie, a big kid at heart, always knew that pediatrics was her passion….